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Terms of Service

Satisfaction Guarantee

Please contact us by email if you are not satisfied with your service within 24 hours of your service start time and we will return to re-clean any missed areas at the earliest possible date. This guarantee does not apply if you limit the amount of cleaning time at your home, nor does it apply to areas that were excluded in the original agreement. 


We do not provide service on several holidays throughout the year and will undertake to contact you prior to your regularly scheduled cleaning to arrange an alternate day to visit your home. You also have the option of skipping the cleaning should you choose.

Employee Safety

In the spirit of safety for our employees, we ask that they refrain from climbing any higher than 60 inches, whether it be on a chair or ladder. Employees are equipped with stepping stools provided by Cornerstone Cleaning and shall use these when necessary. We also ask that our employees refrain from lifting, pushing or pulling objects heavier than 20 lbs. This includes larger furniture, which is not only a safety hazard, but also a method of potentially damaging floors. We also prohibit staff from handling or cleaning bodily fluids, pet excrement or any other substance that may pose a health and safety hazard to our employees. 


Our staff will take the utmost care and caution while handling your personal possessions, however from time to time, accidents happen. Cornerstone Cleaning will undertake to replace damaged items with an identical item if it is possible, however not guaranteed. A suitable substitute may also be offered if agreed upon by the homeowner. As accidents do happen, we ask that all irreplaceable items (monetary or sentimental value) be stored in a safe storage area away from the areas of the home being cleaned. We ask that the customer notify Cornerstone Cleaning within 24 hours of service if damage is discovered.

Upon an accident involving any sort of damage to your personal property or premises, a report will be completed by our Cleaning Specialist, and the homeowner will be contacted at the earliest convenience in an effort to obtain details about the damage and how it can be rectified. We reserve the option of repair or replacement before a monetary settlement. Cornerstone Cleaning is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of items, or for maintenance of your home (normal wear and tear that comes with age or use). Cornerstone Cleaning will assume that all surfaces (marble, granite, bathtub enclosures etc.) are sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees will apply if you cancel your appointment after the 24 hour mark has passed, as it does not give us enough time to fill your time. A $50.00 fee will apply to any last minute cancellations, after 3 missed times, we reserve the right to discontinue your services. We reserve the right to use our judgment as it relates to late cancellations.

Your Cleaning Specialist

We undertake to provide you with a highly trained, security screened Cleaning Specialist. Although we undertake to send the same cleaner to your home during your regularly scheduled visit, there are times when for reason of illness or otherwise that your regular cleaner may not be able to attend your home on a given day. Cornerstone Cleaning reserves the right to send an alternate Cleaning Specialist who will be properly briefed on what is expected at your home. As schedules sometimes change early in the morning or late in the evening, it may not always be possible to communicate the fact that we are sending a substitute although we endeavor to keep open communication with our valued clients.

In addition, due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or weather, we ask that you provide a one hour grace time period for our Cleaning Specialist to arrive at your home. We will make every effort to ensure you are aware of when your Cleaning Specialist will arrive, however, it is not always possible.

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